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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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The Company Man - HEROES Monday, February 26, 2007 |

I've never been much of a Heroes fan. Don't get me wrong. I was on the bandwagon before it was even publicly televised. Watched the original Pilot and loved it. The televised one was toned down a lot. The first few episodes were pretty good. But then it got all boring. With all the Micah DL and Jessica/Niki storyline. They are so frakkin' boring. Just kill them all already!

I didn't even like the Hiro storyline. It was like the writer's were stretching the storyline till the end of the season for him to get his powers back. The rich father coming to get his son back to take over his empire is a cliche used frequently in comic books, tv series and even anime and cartoons. So lets just say I wasn't too keen on that storyline. But the reason to why this happened is revealed in this episode.

Anyways things have started picking up these few episodes. Claude helping Peter control his powers. Peter surging out all his anger on Isaac. Getting invisible, regenerating, telekinesis. He's the ultimate hero at the moment except for maybe SYLAR. Parkmen (my favorite mind reading policeman) is getting more airtime. And his airtime was blown out of proportion literally in this episode. This was the best episode for heroes so far. Time to call myself a heronatic ( heroes and fanatic together...like it? hehe) .

So this episode picked up just where last episode faded out. The deleted scene that i had put in the earlier post wasn't actually a deleted scene. More like a scene from this episode. This episode the story revolved around the infamous HRG. His flashback episode ala lost. Hmmm. This was a most interesting flashback . HRG is shown joining the alleged paper company. He teams up with Claude of all people to find the special people so to speak. I won't spoil much but the most interesting thing that happened in this episode was the revelation that Hiro's father is a pretty higher up in the paper factory. And we are shown a cute lil Hiro playing with a gameboy at non other than the famous pigeon spot in the paintings Isaac drew and where Peter trained. This location is pretty important in my opinion. The episode ends in a pretty tragic note. Well thats all for today folks. You better watch it because i don't like spoiling much. Tell me of your opinions yea? Cheers...

heroes 117 out early |

heads up to the hero fanatics...or herofreaks or watever you call yourselves...heroes is out early...the show is televised early in Canada of all places...so get it NOW from your friendly neighborhood warez or bittorrent outlet :P...hmm i think i have what it takes to become an advertiser...tee hee...

Blogmusik.net Saturday, February 24, 2007 |

his is site where you can just search any artist you want and listen to any of their songs for free. Which is pretty cool. Totally different from Pandora where you can listen to type of artists not the artist you like.

This site has a virtual IPod like interface. Just search any song or artist you want to listen to. You can even create a play list (you need to register first) and drop into this site every time your online. No need to keep those mp3's in your hard drive anymore. Just listen to any track you want when ever u want. And there are no lags at all while streaming the music. So start listening :)


the best website i've seen till now |

I was just browsing and I saw this website and this is pretty amazing people. Well you might have seen better stuff than this. If so let me know. This is by Singaporean Graphics Designer named Jonathan Yuen and this his website. Made in flash and the user interface is pretty amazing. So check it out.

Oh and here's the
link. Good thing i remembered this time :P

a really cute game :) |

Its a fun and cute game with a jumping rabbit. And the animation is amazing to boot. Just use the mouse to steer the rabbit to jump over the bells. Something to do in your free time.


Heroes - Deleted Scene |

Looks like a deleted scene from episode 16

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Using Us |

A really informative guide to Web 2.0

Tribute to the OC Friday, February 23, 2007 |

We’ve been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for #1

California here we come

Right back where we started from

Hustlers grab your guns

Your shadow weighs a ton

Driving down the 101

California here we come

Right back where we started from
Here we come!

And so it ends. One of the best series of all time for me at least. It had its up and downs, and I stuck with it till the end.The series is special. First one i started watching seriously. I grew up with it in other words. It stuck with me through thick and thin. Through the good times and bad times I had in my life. Always cheered me up. This is my O.C story.

I started watching this when my cousin brother sent it to me with a bunch of other series. It was the year 2004 around probably November and December. The only thing that really stuck was the OC. The funny thing is I started with the second season. That's the only episodes i got then. The Seth Cohen comments got me hooked on the series and of course the bravado of Ryan punching every person in sight! Eventually I started loving the characters and watched it up to
around 6th episodes. So then I heard a friend of mine had the whole first season. So I borrowed his external hard drive and started my journey to the OC. After watching the first six episodes of the second season I kind of had an idea of what had happened in the first season. But I still enjoyed every single moment of the first season.

The first season was the best season of television till now. It had 27 episodes in the first frakkin season!!! That's how good it was. The ratings were high. It was the best new show then. Then the producer (Josh Schwartz) left the creative team for some time, for season 2 and 3 and the show went really downhill in season 3. So they decided to do something very few shows had done. Kill off one of the awesome foursome (Ryan,Marissa,Seth,Summer). They killed of Marissa. Well the ratings started going down in season 4 too. But Josh Schwartz was back and the creative department was at its best again. It was the best season of the OC next to the first season. But alas the show was to be cancelled because of the low ratings and Josh Schwartz ended it on a high note. It got me all choked up. All the memories...

Ryan (the misunderstood teenager) picked up by Sandy Cohen and then invited to stay at the Cohen's. His first meeting with Marissa. His first chat with Seth. And the most famous line in television said by Luke. "WELCOME TO THE OC...BITCH!!!" The psychotic Oliver, Marrissa OD'ing in Tijuana. Chrismukkah!!! Anna and Seth! Who i still believe have more chemistry than Summer and Seth. Seth's funny quips. The spider man kiss. All the great songs associated with the show. Like "No Rain" and "Hallelujah" and of course "California". The eventual introduction of Taylor and her eccentric ways. All the silly Julie story lines. I loved them all! And of course Bullet! Baang!!!

Well the show ended with The Cohen's moving to the place where they lived at Berkly before they moved to the OC. They had a little girl. Sophie Rose Cohen. Julie got an Atwood hehe. Seth and Summer parted ways for Seth to go to College and Summer to pursue her career as an Environmentalist. Taylor moved to Paris. Ryan still lived with the Cohen's and studied at Berkly. Sandy became a law professor at Berkly. In the distant future Summer and Seth eventually got married. Ryan and Taylor still have something between them. Ryan becomes an Architect and is seen walking towards his car and then stops. He sees a little boy who resembles him when he was a kid sitting. And then he asks him whether he needs any help. And the screen fades to black. What goes around comes around. Ryan starts to help the boy probably like the Cohen's helped him. It was a great finale to the show. I enjoyed the ride. I'll eventually by the box DVD set of the show for my personal collection probably. The memories associated with the show will live with me forever...hallelujah...

Whats your OC story...?

Tribute to the OC Flickr
Test your OC IQ

Yaplet! Thursday, February 22, 2007 |

I've got rid of the shout box. Found some thing much more user friendly and easier to use. Now if you want to just chat click the "Yaplet | Chat Here|" next to every title of the post. If you want to integrate this into your blog just visit the site.


This nifty application was developed by two college kids as a hobby. There is no need for installation or registration. Just follow the site's instructions and your done. Yaplet adds a frame on the left of the screen where the chatting takes place, or displays a pop-up. In this case I've used the pop-up interface. Check it out :)

Liverpool 2 - 1 Barcelona |

Liverpool just beat the frak out of Barcelona. And this is one great result. Goals from the alleged bad boys of newspaper scrutiny gave us the win over the so called Catalan Giants. I think this is going to be the probable downfall of Barcelona. The politics of the club is taking its toll. Etoo was left out of the squad and Barcelona isn't anything with the pace of Etoo. Even though they have the best midfield in the world they couldn't break Liverpool down. Momo Sissoko was immense. Stopped Xavi from creating anything and he was eventually substituted. Momo was substituted later in the game because of an injury but here's hoping we get him back for the second round.

Bellamy and Risse scored two well created goals for Liverpool and Deco scored the only goal for Barcelona from a cross from Zambrotta. We have the advantage of two goals and the Anfield crowd over Barca for the next match and here's hoping to defeat them and get closer to our 6th Champions League Cup. Onto Athens! YNWA...

World of Warcraft Commercial Sunday, February 18, 2007 |

at least some good comes out of playing World of Warcraft lol

Naruto Shippuuden Friday, February 16, 2007 |

Naruto's back... \(^_^)/

Naruto Shippuuden...translated into English means Naruto : Hurricane Chronicles...

Naruto is back to it's roots...no more filler...hunt for Sasuke is on...as we see in the opening :)

Here's a direct download website that u don't have to register at to get most recent Naruto and Bleach episodes...and the speeds u get are excellent...you'll find this episode there...enjoy...


LOST 309: Stranger in a Strange Land US Trailer Thursday, February 15, 2007 |


Flashes Before Your Eyes - LOST |

Wow just frickin' WOW !!! This was one amazing episode brutha!!! This wasn't a flashback episode...well not exactly...this was Desmond-centric...and it showed...we gotto see what happened to Desmond after he turned the key in the hatch...he woke up in the "Outside World"...covered in red paint...nice way to go back eh ? the episode had a lot of mind benders...seems the whole time space travel theory is a really good possibility...which is great!!! i won't spoil much but you should know this was probably the best episode of the season for me so far...we got some answers...and more questions...just the way i like em...i luved it! i luved it! i luved it! and the shocker at the ending...awsome...can't wait for next week's ep...we finally get to know how jack got his tatoo's not that i care...but the flight attendant that was taken with the lil children are back...and we are promised we are going to get more answers...and i believe em...the trailer will follow this post...chk it out :)

more crazy LOST stuff Saturday, February 10, 2007 |

i am loving the show at the moment...due to these simple facts...they are leaving us lots of clues and we have the choice of figuring out what the truth is...well it seems that the guy who was guarding Karl was reading a book before he was "conned"...he was reading "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawkings...a fellow blogger has uncovered what he was reading...and it seems he was reading Chapter 7 - Black Holes Ain't so Black...which in turn leads to the time theory of going to the future and back or multiple dimensions...which i think could be a nice conclusion to whats going on there...and it's not too farfetched either...there's another clue to support this...

remember the "brainwashing video" Karl was watching ? some crazy lost fanatic ala myself has re winded the whole video and it seems there is a secret message on the first half of the film...its a woman saying "only fools are enslaved by time and space".

here's the links to both these posts...so theorize away...i am loving lost at the moment :)

guy reading book about black holes

backward secret message

mittelos bioscience |

Remember the company Juliet joined in the last episode of lost...well here's their site...login at the projects section using "jburke" as a user name and "rachel" as a password to see something pretty interesting...don't know whether its legit or not...decide for urself...

World of Warcraft Friday, February 09, 2007 |

Well i have jumped onto the WOW bandwagon...i was a skeptic at first...why does these 'geeks' play this game...going on quests...killing monsters...and some of them spending all time leveling up characters...i had recently read that some dude had leveled up from level 60 to level 70 i think after just an expansion for it had come out...and that the creators (Blizzard) was pretty much surprised about that...then i saw a trailer for this expansion which is called "The Burning Crusade" and boy was the FMV awesome...i was completely captivated by the trailer and then i saw the game play...and then i realized that this wasn't much more different than FFXII which i am crazy about...the only difference is that FF has a story and u can finish it...and this like a never ending adventure...u make a character u level up and fight your enemies...and the cool thing is you can pick the "good guys" or the "bad guys"...i was pretty much intrigued...

i went to the wow community site...saw there was a 10 day free trial...decided to try it out...i downloaded the whole game (approximately 3.6GB's) on my flimsy 512 kb connection...so i got a 10 day free trial and i started playing it...and it was more than i expected...i made a Hunter character of the Elves race and started playing...and discovered a world i never thought existed...i know i know dramatic eh? but thats how i felt...meeting people all over the world and doing quests is loads of fun...pretty much just interacting with people in a sense like chatting...so then i bought the original game and i don't regret it at all...u get a 30 day free trial and there are lots of other options to pay every month but believe me if u love role playing games its worth it...so if anyone from Maldives is playing this just let me know...i know only a few people but hey gaming is growing over there with Counter Strike and other FPS's so why not WOW?

Not In Portland - LOST |

So lost has come back...it was much better than all the other episodes combined...but still not as great as season one...lots of action...i actually think this whole scenario of getting captured and going back to the island could have been done in three or four episodes...but then 'the powers that be' decided to make it long and tiresome as possible to milk lost for all its worth...its pretty much backfiring at the moment...losing ratings to the great CRIMINAL MINDS in that time slot...and now its changed the time slot because of the so called great AMERICAN IDOL show which i'm finding really boring at the moment...how much more of idol crazy wannabe's can u endure?

well at the moment its probably looking good for lost...i saw her killing Danny as a really possible scenario before it happened...we saw a Juliet flashback which pretty much shows that she's also a prisoner of the island...thought there would be more questions answered...but since they are off the 'zoo island' we'll probably get to see more of our favorite characters such as Locke and Hurly...

so what did u think of this week's episode?

the folding chair |

this is one cool video