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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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Tribute to the OC

We’ve been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for #1

California here we come

Right back where we started from

Hustlers grab your guns

Your shadow weighs a ton

Driving down the 101

California here we come

Right back where we started from
Here we come!

And so it ends. One of the best series of all time for me at least. It had its up and downs, and I stuck with it till the end.The series is special. First one i started watching seriously. I grew up with it in other words. It stuck with me through thick and thin. Through the good times and bad times I had in my life. Always cheered me up. This is my O.C story.

I started watching this when my cousin brother sent it to me with a bunch of other series. It was the year 2004 around probably November and December. The only thing that really stuck was the OC. The funny thing is I started with the second season. That's the only episodes i got then. The Seth Cohen comments got me hooked on the series and of course the bravado of Ryan punching every person in sight! Eventually I started loving the characters and watched it up to
around 6th episodes. So then I heard a friend of mine had the whole first season. So I borrowed his external hard drive and started my journey to the OC. After watching the first six episodes of the second season I kind of had an idea of what had happened in the first season. But I still enjoyed every single moment of the first season.

The first season was the best season of television till now. It had 27 episodes in the first frakkin season!!! That's how good it was. The ratings were high. It was the best new show then. Then the producer (Josh Schwartz) left the creative team for some time, for season 2 and 3 and the show went really downhill in season 3. So they decided to do something very few shows had done. Kill off one of the awesome foursome (Ryan,Marissa,Seth,Summer). They killed of Marissa. Well the ratings started going down in season 4 too. But Josh Schwartz was back and the creative department was at its best again. It was the best season of the OC next to the first season. But alas the show was to be cancelled because of the low ratings and Josh Schwartz ended it on a high note. It got me all choked up. All the memories...

Ryan (the misunderstood teenager) picked up by Sandy Cohen and then invited to stay at the Cohen's. His first meeting with Marissa. His first chat with Seth. And the most famous line in television said by Luke. "WELCOME TO THE OC...BITCH!!!" The psychotic Oliver, Marrissa OD'ing in Tijuana. Chrismukkah!!! Anna and Seth! Who i still believe have more chemistry than Summer and Seth. Seth's funny quips. The spider man kiss. All the great songs associated with the show. Like "No Rain" and "Hallelujah" and of course "California". The eventual introduction of Taylor and her eccentric ways. All the silly Julie story lines. I loved them all! And of course Bullet! Baang!!!

Well the show ended with The Cohen's moving to the place where they lived at Berkly before they moved to the OC. They had a little girl. Sophie Rose Cohen. Julie got an Atwood hehe. Seth and Summer parted ways for Seth to go to College and Summer to pursue her career as an Environmentalist. Taylor moved to Paris. Ryan still lived with the Cohen's and studied at Berkly. Sandy became a law professor at Berkly. In the distant future Summer and Seth eventually got married. Ryan and Taylor still have something between them. Ryan becomes an Architect and is seen walking towards his car and then stops. He sees a little boy who resembles him when he was a kid sitting. And then he asks him whether he needs any help. And the screen fades to black. What goes around comes around. Ryan starts to help the boy probably like the Cohen's helped him. It was a great finale to the show. I enjoyed the ride. I'll eventually by the box DVD set of the show for my personal collection probably. The memories associated with the show will live with me forever...hallelujah...

Whats your OC story...?

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