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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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criminal minds Monday, May 22, 2006 |

its the end of the series season. i was bored and had nuthin to watch. so i thought of chkin out a new show. criminal minds. the show is frickin' excellent. i'd prefer this over any of those csi shows anyday. csi always has three different crimes in one episode and and those lame intro lines b4 the music begins. ive so gotten bored of that. and this is sumthin new. the show focus's on the behavioral analysis unit of the fbi. these ppl make profiles for serial killers, rapist, arsonists, l.d.s.k's (long distance serial killers) u name it. and the cast is amazing. i've really grown into these characters and their lives. if ure over the hype of the csi shows and want to watch some great criminal drama this is the show for u!!!

to learn more about the show click this link.

the da vinci code cracked |

i jus watched the da vinci code. i was never a big fan of the book. i prefered angels and demons to it. and i read alot of reviews abt the movie b4 i went to watch it. most of them said the movie was lousy not gud at all. i say the movie was pretty gud. hell! i even liked it better than the book.the effects were good. the acing was good. and really liked tom hanks as robert langdon. although there were a lil changes frm the book the movie was good. i cant believe the reviewers sometimes. next time im gona watch the movie and decide on it myself. maybe i have strange taste or watever.lol.and the last scene where they showed the holy grail was shot beautifully. makes me look forward to the sequel book " the solomon key" even more. ***1/2 / *****

metal gear solid 4 E3 trailer Friday, May 12, 2006 |

if u have been reading abt e3. u wud kno an extended trailer of mgs4 has been showed at the konmai booth. i searched and searched for it. and here it is. it wud literally blow ure mind off. and yes raidens back!!! :P and heres a link to the trailer. best link ive found so far. will put in a better one wen found.

click here to download via ftp
click here to download via torrent

MI III review Thursday, May 04, 2006 |

i've got three words to describe this movie. it's frickin excellent !!! i personally didnt like the second movie. prefered the first one. but now i think i'll have to change me mind. this has everythin the first movie had and more.

gadgets =check, damn awsome action = check, the huge twist although it was kinda obvious but still gud = check, funny quips in serious situations = check, and ofcourse the betrayal = check. it has it all and more. and yea for u gurls tom cruise. (insert eye rolling smily here). i give this movie a *****/***** ( a must watch!!!)

metal gear solid...the movie!!! Wednesday, May 03, 2006 |

yea u heared it rite. hideo kojima has jus confirmed that there is gona be a movie made for the metal gear series. i cant wait!!! but then most of the movies made for games have sucked. but whu knos, this is hideo chan we r talkin about. so i'm sure its gona be great. and it seems christian bale (aka the new batman) is intrested in playin snake. i dont know whther he can pull it off. we'll jus have to wait and see. to read more about this story click the link.

kingdom hearts 2 Tuesday, May 02, 2006 |

i finalllly finished the game. and it was worth it. the graphics was amazing. one of the best for the ps2. and the disney worlds were awsome. and the story continues. well it kinds ends sora's story at the end. but then we r treated to a secret trailer at the end. which i am downloading. hehe. found out there was a secret trailer after i finished the game. and yea for ppl whu has finished the game and does not kno this...there is an optional fight with sephiroth and u can get an ultimate weapon named "ultima" (which u have to find elements and synthesize") i give this game. *****/***** (an absolute must play!!!)

for ppl whu has trouble defeating the boss's heres a walkthrough. and did i mention the boss fights are realllly addictive??? well it is !!! ;) the "reaction commands" bring alot into the game.

aaand theres a sequel to the game. if u want to see the trailer to it (which is also the secret ending) click this link to download the trailer.

and if u want to kno more abt the sequel which may not be named by khIII, check out the interview of the creator of the game,Tetsuya Nomura. link