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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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Kingdom Hearts III NEW TRAILER!!!

This is the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix...It is the EXTENDED version of the secret ending of KH 2...And man is the trailer awesome...Can't wait for it to come out...No Sora or Riku or Kairi seen in the trailer...Micky and Roxas is there...And four other new characters...One who resembles ZACK from FF7 and other who resembles YUFFIE from FF7...But mind you not the same characters...It looks like Keyblade Wars is becoming a reality and it might not be called Kingdom Hearts III but maybe called another name...stay tuned...here's the link to the trailer for download...will post a youtube one as soon as find it...


P.S That isn't the real cover for KH III...some fan art from VGBOXART made by WICKEDGAMER1

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  • Anonymous TheDA says so:
    4:11 PM  

    if your looking for trailers gametrailers.com should be the first place to look. anyways RPG's FTL top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    6:53 PM  

    yea go look there... *rolls eyes*

    its not there u idiot!!! and it isn't an rpg...it's called a secret ending...ppl have to finish it to see it...some guy finished it...i posted it...

    get ure facts straight before leavin stupid comments... top

  • Anonymous TheDA says so:
    8:55 PM  

    w/e. if its not an rpg then tell me what it is.. ***zzzzz***

    ill just go back to playing counter-strike thank you very much :D top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    9:36 PM  

    it's not a typical RPG ala final fantasy...it's more action oriented...with upgrading ure weapons and using magic...well if thats what u call a RPG so is GOD of WAR :P and btw RPG's are for hardcore gamers...not for wuss's whu gets turned on by fraggin the shit out of ppl...

    and btw i like these discussions :D top

  • Blogger Superman says so:
    11:34 AM  

    The Playstation 3 Game Box Cover for Kingdom Hearts III is cool. You can see the trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at the end of The Kingdom Hearts II game on Playstation 2. I love Sora, Kairi and Riku they are all cute. I love the romance chemistry between Sora and Kairi she is still in love with him and Sora feels the same way about Kairi. Riku needs a woman in his life too she will eventually come to him Riku is handsome. Let's get him a female girlfriend. Shenmue III where are you I heard new of a third Shenmue I saw the box for the 360 and it was coollll!!! Ryo Hazuki needs to come back, Sega please bring him back we miss Ryo!!! Shenhua Ling is cute and beautiful she almost kissed Ryo in Shenmue II. She is in love with him like Nozoma was in Shenmue I. top

  • Anonymous TheDA says so:
    1:13 PM  

    i played kingdom hearts 2 partly. its way too childish for me. cmon. its so frikking easy. one of the easiest games i ever laid my hands on. no offense :P top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    11:18 AM  

    ha! play again my friend...it's common knowledge all rpg's are easy during the first to two hours of the game...it's the learning curve...go to the middle of the game...and it's really enticing...secret boss's and lots of kewl stuff...and u get to fight with sephiroth too...and that is one hard boss fight i tell u!!! hehe...so play again just for about two to three hours...and tell me u aint hooked :P top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    11:20 AM  

    and superman your one of a kind...

    i agree to everything you just said
    ^_^ top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8:08 PM  

    Is that cover the decided cover for the game? top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1:05 AM  

    I saw the kkingdom hearts 2 secret ending and riku will be it it....... but he will. have his heart stollen to open kingdom hearts...:( top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1:05 AM  

    I saw the kkingdom hearts 2 secret ending and riku will be it it....... but he will. have his heart stollen to open kingdom hearts...:( top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    2:09 PM  

    the charector that resembles zac also looks like angeal top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    2:09 PM  

    wraith all the way top

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    3:40 AM  

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