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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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Who the hell is Nikki?!?!

Well we got the answer to this question this week plus the question...once again. This was one great episode of LOST. I've got to give props to these writer's. People think that the story is limited because they are stuck on the island. But the people are so wrong. The writers are giving back now for all those previous episodes of LOST which didn't "mean anything". All the stories are being tied up. Which means they always had a big plan in mind. You will see that very well in this episode of LOST. No previously on LOST this time...this was Hitch Cockien mystery/thriller this time ;)


Nikki and Paolo will forever be iconic character's on LOST. Because they were fricking BURIED ALIVE !!! Never saw that coming.

This didn't have any continuity to what happened last episode. This was one stand alone episode with appearances by some of the survivors that didn't survive in the end. Boone and Shannon was back as well for the ,blowing up doctor, Artz. We were taken back to the first day and everything was shown from Paolo and Nikki's point of view. They had swindled a whoppin 8 Million dollars worth of diamonds from a director which Nikki worked for and slept with. Now they were on the island...diamonds lost...Paolo found them...didn't tell Nikki...and the rest is sand falling on their bodies. You have got to watch this episode to know how great it was. And guess what? Paolo and Nikki found the Pearl Station and the small Yellow Plane before the Locke and Boone did. Seems they weren't that useless after all eh? And Nikki is pretty hot too... ;) They are probably dead...and the ending was really creepy and I loved it all. All in all a great episode of LOST and an inkling of the others plans was revealed...

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  • Blogger foniboki says so:
    6:22 AM  

    Will Nikki and Paulo die in the grave? ;p top

  • Anonymous nass says so:
    11:43 AM  

    i dunno who she is, but she sure looks good! top

  • Anonymous nass says so:
    11:44 AM  

    BTW, don't u cover Smallville? The WWE wrestler Kane appeared in the last episode i saw as a guy from the phantom zone.... top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    11:29 AM  

    yeaa she does look goood...i waant her baaaack!!!

    and smallville is pretty much meh...i just watch it to just see how it ends...there have been a good coupla episodes thus far this season...the part where chloe is a meteor freak is pretty shocking as well as lana marrying lex...didn't think they were going to get through with it...i want more character involvement...not some meteor freak or zoner every episode... top