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HEROES - Parasite

This show is getting better and better by each episode. Wow just frakkin wow!!! Peter dies? Or does he lose his annoying bangs ? That is the question at the of the episode. Guess the writer's are listening to viewer's opinion of Peter's hair.

The episode started with the Simone dying scenario. Peter escapes. Goes to his brother who is working with the FBI to bring down Mr. Linderman. So Nathan goes to visit Linderman and helps Hiro get his sword. Hiro travels five years into the future with Nando which is where the next episode would probably take place. Jessica goes to kill Nathan but Niki intervenes and tells him to kill Linderman. But Linderman offers Nathan presidency and Nathan being the man who wants a life of meaning accepts. And there is a cool new "Hero" in town. The woman who is the next partner of HRG can change her appearance like Mystique of Xmen. The effects are pretty much cooler than Mystique is changing. The effects in the show has really picked up from the crappy ones used before.

So the most important thing that happens for me in this episode is. Mohinder knows that SYLAR is SYLAR and in fact not ZAN (The guy he killed to get the turning metals into liquid power). Mohinder drugs SYLAR and tortures him with the sound powers that SYLAR has just got from that mechanic in the earlier episode. He also extracts SYLAR's spinal fluid to get his DNA and make a new list to find other 'special people' in the world. SYLAR escapes though and has Mohinder on the ceiling when Peter comes in. SYLAR grabs him and cuts his head open. And the front of Peter's hair falls. So did just SYLAR save the world by supposedly killing Peter ? Or is SYLAR the one who's going to explode after getting Peter's power ? But I'll bet you anything that Peter doesn't die. He's the main hero. Hmm maybe this is how he got that awesome scar that Hiro from the future told him abt ? ^_^

Random trivia.... Jessica and Micah was playing a HEAVENLY SWORD on the PS3. Which is the one of the most anticipated games on the PS3. And it looked damn good. What better way to advertise than on the most popular show on TV at the moment eh ?

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  • Blogger Velvette Storme says so:
    8:42 AM  

    No, I refuse to believe it, Peter did not die! Peter cannot die! He's my fav character. He cant die! top

  • Blogger foniboki says so:
    4:44 PM  

    Peter is going to get a much more severe image makeover than Isaac. And... All the heroes die in episode 20. top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    4:49 PM  

    I hope you just didn't read a spoiler site and write that hehe. Yea they would probably die in the timeline where the bomb explodes. And the present Hiro is 5 years in the future.

    And daaaarn we have to wait till one month for the next couple of episodes. How could they do this to us? Why?!?! Whyyyyyy?!?! T_T top