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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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The Company Man - HEROES

I've never been much of a Heroes fan. Don't get me wrong. I was on the bandwagon before it was even publicly televised. Watched the original Pilot and loved it. The televised one was toned down a lot. The first few episodes were pretty good. But then it got all boring. With all the Micah DL and Jessica/Niki storyline. They are so frakkin' boring. Just kill them all already!

I didn't even like the Hiro storyline. It was like the writer's were stretching the storyline till the end of the season for him to get his powers back. The rich father coming to get his son back to take over his empire is a cliche used frequently in comic books, tv series and even anime and cartoons. So lets just say I wasn't too keen on that storyline. But the reason to why this happened is revealed in this episode.

Anyways things have started picking up these few episodes. Claude helping Peter control his powers. Peter surging out all his anger on Isaac. Getting invisible, regenerating, telekinesis. He's the ultimate hero at the moment except for maybe SYLAR. Parkmen (my favorite mind reading policeman) is getting more airtime. And his airtime was blown out of proportion literally in this episode. This was the best episode for heroes so far. Time to call myself a heronatic ( heroes and fanatic together...like it? hehe) .

So this episode picked up just where last episode faded out. The deleted scene that i had put in the earlier post wasn't actually a deleted scene. More like a scene from this episode. This episode the story revolved around the infamous HRG. His flashback episode ala lost. Hmmm. This was a most interesting flashback . HRG is shown joining the alleged paper company. He teams up with Claude of all people to find the special people so to speak. I won't spoil much but the most interesting thing that happened in this episode was the revelation that Hiro's father is a pretty higher up in the paper factory. And we are shown a cute lil Hiro playing with a gameboy at non other than the famous pigeon spot in the paintings Isaac drew and where Peter trained. This location is pretty important in my opinion. The episode ends in a pretty tragic note. Well thats all for today folks. You better watch it because i don't like spoiling much. Tell me of your opinions yea? Cheers...

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