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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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heroes 117 out early

heads up to the hero fanatics...or herofreaks or watever you call yourselves...heroes is out early...the show is televised early in Canada of all places...so get it NOW from your friendly neighborhood warez or bittorrent outlet :P...hmm i think i have what it takes to become an advertiser...tee hee...

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  • Anonymous subcorpus says so:
    7:43 PM  

    thanks for the heads up ...
    PS :: whats with the name calling ... ? top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    8:09 PM  

    i'm not much of a heroes fan...i only liked the first episode...but episode 17 changed my mind...my bad...so what do we call ourselves? "heronatics"??
    like heroes and fanatics together...no? lol top

  • Blogger bulhaa says so:
    8:18 PM  

    you know all these shows oughta pay you for marketing.... top

  • Blogger foniboki says so:
    8:36 PM  

    Loved Episode! Allot is revaled in this episode about the nature of Bennets work and the future of many of the Heroes will never be the same. Not to mention a jaw dropping scene at the end which in some ways answers the question of, "How do you stop an exploding man?", as claire takes on an out of control Tedd. AMAZING!!!! top

  • Blogger bandey says so:
    7:04 AM  

    yeah the canadians did the same with greys anatomy. they released the 3rd episode instead of the 2nd episode in season 3. imagine us getting to watch 2 episodes in one week :D top

  • Blogger bandey says so:
    7:04 AM  

    p.s. foniboki.. i hate you!!! top