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Liverpool 2 - 1 Barcelona

Liverpool just beat the frak out of Barcelona. And this is one great result. Goals from the alleged bad boys of newspaper scrutiny gave us the win over the so called Catalan Giants. I think this is going to be the probable downfall of Barcelona. The politics of the club is taking its toll. Etoo was left out of the squad and Barcelona isn't anything with the pace of Etoo. Even though they have the best midfield in the world they couldn't break Liverpool down. Momo Sissoko was immense. Stopped Xavi from creating anything and he was eventually substituted. Momo was substituted later in the game because of an injury but here's hoping we get him back for the second round.

Bellamy and Risse scored two well created goals for Liverpool and Deco scored the only goal for Barcelona from a cross from Zambrotta. We have the advantage of two goals and the Anfield crowd over Barca for the next match and here's hoping to defeat them and get closer to our 6th Champions League Cup. Onto Athens! YNWA...

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  • Blogger nass says so:
    7:29 PM  

    congrats... it was a good win.. I loved Liverpool's 2nd goal.

    ManUtd fan ;-) top