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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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this is real!!!

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  • Anonymous subcorpus says so:
    12:36 PM  

    can NOT watch the video ...
    gets cut off just as the video begins ... when i see sawyer and kate walking on the beach ...
    my connection ? top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    12:43 PM  

    yea mite be...i tried watchin it on my pc...works...heres the original link...


    and dude this is funny as hell :) top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    12:45 PM  

    or u cud jus try downloadin the video from youtube...aa i'll make it easier for u...im in a generous mood...
    the direct link... :)

    http://www.youtube.com/get_video?video_id=n3bbWF_F8-s&l=198&t=OEgsToPDskIvgv5Kt1Hf7_mk3vNh7Gjb&ewurl= top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    12:47 PM  

    oh darn it

    the whole thing in the brackets top