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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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LOST - The Glass Ballerina Review + random musings

well the epsiode review of lost episode two is finally here. was loaded with projekts all these days.so well lets get on with it.

one word to describe this episode. disappoining. who the hell cares about sun or jin? i dont! and how dumb can sayid get?!?! this epsiode was a total waste of time. the only important thing that happened was alex (daughter of the french women on the island) asking where carl was from kate. thats some story progress. meaning carl was'nt a plant in the cage to break sawyer. alex is somehow goin to help kate and sawyer escape. that much is sure. and sawyer must have seen the camera thing coming. meaning ben watching sawyer and kate talk abt how weak "the others" were. there's no conning the con man.

back to the story. who cares about the back story abt sun or jin?!? they've showed their flashbacks abt four times now i think. and they are not so important. only thing that was intresting was how jae ( the guy who slept with sun ) died. maybe sun did it!!! woo hoo!! big twist!! plah!!! oh and the baby might be jae's. who did'nt see that comin. *rolls eyes*

now lets see. which of the characters flashback's dont i give a frak about

1.sun and jin
2.bernard and rose
4.claire (loved the flash back of wat happend in the islan though)

flash back's i like

1.sawyer's ( they have shown like one flashback of sawyers!!! y or y!??!)
2.Locke ( ofcoz. he's the best character in the series. and his flashback is up next!!! yayy)
3.hurly's (that guys eps are jus plain funny)

well the next episode looks pretty intresting. we finally get to know wat happned to locke ecko and desmond. but saw know desmond in the trailer. well in the trailer locke wakes up in the jungle. and he cant speak!!! lol it's kind funny. the guy who speaks alot and gives ppl advice and always confident in wat he does. is plain terrified and charlie's helping the poor guy. and a cameo appearence by one of my fave characters. booone staring as zombiee booone!!! :) well he's not back. jus in a flash back i think.

ok some random musings of the shows i watched las week.

smallville - the most funny thing happend in years in smallville. i still do watch although it sucks but it seems its getting better with the introduction of green arrow. ok lex and lana finally hook up. they are shown takin off their clothes. and there's this really great song by james carrington called "ache" playing in th background. (here's his myspace if u want to listen to it...i gawentee u will like it) anyways. while lex and lana are "makin love" clark is shown in his barn. playing with his ball's!!! lol lol ( no pun intended or no bad idea intended ) :P
the writer's mus have been high or summin. lol i guess mos ppl saw the funny side of it. he was jus bouncin his ball against a wall jus lyin there misrebele. but if u take it the way i took it. it's plain funny. yea i'm sick. i kno i kno. jeez.

grey's anatomy and supernatural has been the most consitent series so far for me this season. they dont disappoint and on supernatural. IMPALA is back. meaning the badass car they have if u didnt kno the name. anyways chk it out.

oh and i chked out this new series called battlestar galactica. its not actually new but new to me. it seemed to be gettin alot aof hype and i chked out an episode called the story so far. and i am frakkin hooked!!! and they use the word frak instead of the other ef word. FRAK is cool!!! and it is way much better than the other sci fi series like star gate atlantis. no time travel stories no meetin new ppl and findin out they are nanites oh blah!!! i am frakkin fed up with it. battelstar galactica has one continuous great story. you should check it out.

oh and rite i forgot. how cool is heroes?!? eh?! eh?! the guy hiro is jus plain funny. and seems he's finishin final fantasy 12 rite now. the lucky bastard!!! but wait i have it too. hahaha!!! that was the whole point of the story i'm afraid. since he's japanese he's playin the japanese version. well only in the series universe and u cant find this infor unless u read his fictional blog which is translated to english by one great translater software lol. it's funny u shud chk it! here's the link. and yea i got the english version. wayyy before it got out. kewl eh? \(^o^)/ and how i got it is top secret. mum's the word. remember piracy is illegal :P ok's till next week then. arigatho gozaimas. ramen kenpo!!! (^_^)

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  • Anonymous foniboki says so:
    9:55 AM  

    The Red Sox thing was the most clue-laden part of the episode. I have two interpretations...

    Interpretation #1: Ben is telling the truth. The Others are a conglomerate of castaways and their descendants. They do have contact with the outside world.

    Interpretation #2: The Island is a decade or so into the future, and what we say was a tape some Red Sox fan brought to the island with them. Why the hell would I think this? Well, first, the producers have said something about time working differently on the Island. Second, Ben says that he has lived his entire life on the island, yet the DHARMA Initiative didn’t become active on the Island until the early 1970's. So, if Ben is a child of the researchers, and if Ben is about 40, then the Island would have to be set in 2014 or so.

    Next Week: Running Locke, Sleeping Eko, and Naked Desmond. top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    11:16 AM  

    I'd go with one...i was actually hoping for that the time on the island would be slow and the outside time would be the same as ours...now how freaky would that be?!!?

    and i didnt see desmond in the trailer...hmm new trailer perhaps? top

  • Anonymous subcorpus says so:
    7:54 AM  

    Hello ...
    theories ... theories ... hehe ...
    i've read so many ... but still wudnt mind a bit more ...
    LOSt rocks ... hehe ... top