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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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wipe the frowns on ure faces cos i'm baaaack.or maybe not.anyways i'm finally free so can get back to my blogging or reivews of stuff or watever u guys call it.first off lets look at the summer movies. was going to write a review on pirates of the caribbean.but meh.time has passed.well it was pretty gud except for the cliffhanger ending.the krakan special effects were'nt that gud.but davy jones and his crew were realllly gud.and yes jack sparrow kept the movie entertaining.my fave summer movies goes like this : (jus luk down buddy)

2.pirates of the carribean : dead man's chest
4.da vinci code
5.no not the x-men, any other frickin movie than that
6.not fast and the furious either...cos it soo sucked

ok ok i knoo i gave a 3 out of 5 for mi3 and rated superman higher than that but u kno i changed.yes i can change my mind becos it's my blog.oh yes it issss!!! anyways wat really changed my mind was i got thinking. and after looking at the positives and negatives a lilll but more i agreed with my mind on this.

wat stood out for mi3 was it had action, funny moments, and lots more action. had me hooked all the way.

pirates of the carribean : i didnt like the krakan. it luked soo ugly sumtimes (the effects i mean...i kno it's supposed to luk "ugly"...duhhh)

superman : i liked brandon routh. i liked kate bosworth (i think she luks better in brown hair..hmmm). kevin spacy too. now wat stood out was the story.yes the story.i mean cumon. another lex luthor story. been there seen it. lets bring on greater super villians. and mos of the story concentrated on superman lois and cyclops relationship and the child. yea knoin he was goin to be superboy was kinda u kno gud but then wen the next movie comes out he's goin to be grown ( now how do u explain that huh? huuh??? super growth lol) ok yea the movie can start after two years or watever. but but superkid thing is jus lame. so i'm guessin in the next movie lex luthor hire's metallo o sumone to crush superman. he shud realise superman is invincible. he lifted a whole frickin kryptonic thing and threw it into space. maybe he's immune now. oooo . ok enough enough. now lets hear my idea . superman vs batman . eh?? eh???? who do u think will win. post ure comments if u want to. remember...i'm not forcin u.

da vinci code : i didnt like the book. i liked the movie. kinda. its still better than the two sucky movies of the summer. xmen and and fast and the furious. yeaa u guys suuucked!!!

anyhoo long post. u guys mus be sleepin rite now. yaaawn. i've booowed my self too (tip: replace w with a r. there u go ;) )

and now for the important announcement. snakes on a plane. yes i jus said that. snaaaaakes on a frickin plane!!! now how cant u not be excited for that. its a movie starring samual jackson (yesssss!!!) with snakes on a frickin plane. and like the movie says. "it aint the end of summer till we say so". i'm too lazy to post a link on info abt the movie. google ppl.6 words. goooogle!!! oh and the movie hasnt come out yet. it's due on mid auguest. well anyhoo end of post. hope u enjoyed this weekly addition of entertaiment. cock a doodle doo~

p.s the picture is from www.cgnetworks.com if your wondering.nice eh? yea i'm jus showin off :P

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