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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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up there...is it a bird? is it a plane? no its a....superman returns review ;)

superman returned with a bang and a badam badam push!!! it was great...it was really gud...but was'nt excellent...the guy brandon routh is a perfect fit...and so is the rest of the cast...bryan singer has done it this time...i never liked his adaptation of the xmen franchise...but this is gold!!! i liked the whole movie...lots of action...uhhh scratch that very few scenes of action...but it was still gud...the story mostly revolved around the love triangle between lois clark and cyclops...(oh u kno the guy whu plays cyclops in xmen and dies in xmen 3 to go to do superman...that guy...dont kno his name in the movie though...anyways...) and yea there is kevin spacey as lex luthor...i luved his potrayal of the great mastermind...with bits of humor in his character...and oh man is the action great...the effects were spectecualr...and the music was off the hook...superman soundtrack rocks...it brought alot of feeling to the movie...hearing the music and seeing superman do the spectacualr at the same time...exhilarating!!! this movie wud have done the late christopher reeve proud...and did i mention kate bosworth is hot?!?!? and yea there's this twist i didnt see comin...really nice one...made the movie extra special...and brandon routh's acting was spectacualr...he really fits the clark kent/superman role... i give it ****1/2 / ***** (a must see!!!)

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  • Anonymous aveceryph says so:
    4:34 AM  

    i havent seen it yet: but come on, its got Kevin Spacey in it: its got to be awesome!
    btw, you were so right about Mission Impossible III: it so totally kicked ass! I mean, i think it did to most action movies (or rather, its predecessors) what (the original animated) Aeon Flux did to action movies (ok, it wasnt that revolutionary): but MI III, in my opinion had a dynamic fluidity and a gritty realism thats very much lacking in modern action films. awesome.
    while you're at it: try taking a peek at this anime mini-series "Samurai Champloo": i find it quite cool, compensating with fluid and dynamic visuals for whatever it may lack in story/character development. i quite liked it; a fair effort by Shinchiro Watanabe.
    sorry about THIS---cudnt find an alternative way to comment on ur page...cheers. top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    12:07 AM  

    chk one two top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    12:10 AM  

    oh its workin...yayyy...like i was sayin i already watched samurai champloo...but i didnt like the ending...the fites were great though...one of the best i've seen in any of the anime series i've watched so far...dude chk out "GANTZ"...i'm sure u'll like it...and thanx for u long comment...toodle doo... top

  • Anonymous gwynciar says so:
    5:47 PM  

    yeah, the ending was pretty disappointing. but , i dunno, i think that it was the *best possible ending* that they could have put together, given everything. and well, its a whole lot less depressing than the ending of Basilisk, if u know what i mean.

    (and btw, i really didnt expect that ROT-13 was that well-known. me: i was in awe of the entire concept. just hoping that people wouldnt writing me off as a whinign crybaby...*cough cough*). top

  • Anonymous bulhaa says so:
    2:00 PM  

    superman sucked big time.... seriously honey it did... it was boooring top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    6:15 PM  

    u see honey the difference was....i watched it in a beeeeg beeeg theatre with surround sound aand i was pretty much hyped abt it wen it came out...so there's no way it cud have sucked for me lol top