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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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LOST - Further Instructions Review Sunday, October 22, 2006 |

i took sometime giving my thoughts into this epsiode because truthfully i did'nt like it. i was actually on the edge of my seat for somthing great to happen. but nothing did. it was jus locke running off to save ecko from a POLAR BEAR?!?. how intelligent can polar bears get. and what do they gain from dragging ecko into a cave. do polar bears eat human flesh or something ? aaa well. and i was half expecting for locke to shoot the young kid or the young kid to shoot locke in the legs. guess i'm too blood thirsty. i was waiting for somthing intresting to happen!!! and it never came and am i ever so disappointed. only fun thing that happend was desmond running around naked. lol. and hurly's one liner " dude...the hatch blew off your underwear?!?!" lol.

and yea there was desmond reading the future. now there could be one of many possibilities in this one. and us viewer's mostly go into the unbelievable ones but the creators seem to prove us wrong ala the plane falling one with the electromagnet being the reason coming down. i still don't believe that reason. it doesnt make sense. becos the character's have too many connections with each other i believe they were brought here or something. what do you think?

anyways back to desmond seeing the future. one of the possibilities is when the EMP went off and "imploded" the hatch they were warped into the future or something. i'm hearing that might be a possibility with a reallly big surprise coming in the 6th episode of the season. but that's like going into sci fi now is'nt it? this is supposed to be a drama show with polar bears and "smoke monsters" and a mysterious island which "heals" people.hmm ok this mite be sci fi...

and the next episode preview show's the other's torturing sawyer and asking kate whether she loves him simultaneously. now how corney can they get?!?! i started out this season being a lost supporter but it's losing me slowly although i'll still watch it hoping something big happens. aaa well.

on another note i just watched a new series called JERICHO. didnt watch this series before because i didnt think it would get a full season. but it seems this is getting really popular. a town stranded in the middle of no where when a bomb (possibly nuclear) goes off and they have lost contact with the whole world. kinda like lost where you dont know what's going on. am giving it a try. first episode was pretty good.downloading other eps now.will write more about it later on.

so what did you think of this week's lost?!?

heroes Tuesday, October 17, 2006 |

well i usually don’t review heroes. but i was blown away by the episode ending. it was frakking awesome. guys who watch lost! u'll love this show. and best of all u get the most of ure answers which keeps u satisfied at the end of the episode unlike lost. not that I don’t like lost. hehe. this has to be the breakout show of the season.

i first heard of this show around may. and i was pretty intrigued. me being a comic fan and all. and i knew this wudnt be the typical superhero show. the pilot was leaked abt that time so i downloaded it. the first episode was good. introducing most of the characters. the second episode was better. and third was even much better. the fourth was frakkin excellent. some of the "heroes" meet up with each other. and the part's with Hiro and his "sidekick" are darn funnnyy. this is getting better and better.

and i think Chandra Suresh (Mohinder Suresh's father) might be the so called SYLAR. jus a theory. :)

and plus there are downloadable short comic's that u can view after each episode at the heroes site to get to know more about the characters. and there's hiro's blog too. :)

well if u aint as obsessed as i am u can jus watch the show only and enjoy it. lol. there u go. my thot on heroes. hope that makes u interested. :)

LOST - The Glass Ballerina Review + random musings Sunday, October 15, 2006 |

well the epsiode review of lost episode two is finally here. was loaded with projekts all these days.so well lets get on with it.

one word to describe this episode. disappoining. who the hell cares about sun or jin? i dont! and how dumb can sayid get?!?! this epsiode was a total waste of time. the only important thing that happened was alex (daughter of the french women on the island) asking where carl was from kate. thats some story progress. meaning carl was'nt a plant in the cage to break sawyer. alex is somehow goin to help kate and sawyer escape. that much is sure. and sawyer must have seen the camera thing coming. meaning ben watching sawyer and kate talk abt how weak "the others" were. there's no conning the con man.

back to the story. who cares about the back story abt sun or jin?!? they've showed their flashbacks abt four times now i think. and they are not so important. only thing that was intresting was how jae ( the guy who slept with sun ) died. maybe sun did it!!! woo hoo!! big twist!! plah!!! oh and the baby might be jae's. who did'nt see that comin. *rolls eyes*

now lets see. which of the characters flashback's dont i give a frak about

1.sun and jin
2.bernard and rose
4.claire (loved the flash back of wat happend in the islan though)

flash back's i like

1.sawyer's ( they have shown like one flashback of sawyers!!! y or y!??!)
2.Locke ( ofcoz. he's the best character in the series. and his flashback is up next!!! yayy)
3.hurly's (that guys eps are jus plain funny)

well the next episode looks pretty intresting. we finally get to know wat happned to locke ecko and desmond. but saw know desmond in the trailer. well in the trailer locke wakes up in the jungle. and he cant speak!!! lol it's kind funny. the guy who speaks alot and gives ppl advice and always confident in wat he does. is plain terrified and charlie's helping the poor guy. and a cameo appearence by one of my fave characters. booone staring as zombiee booone!!! :) well he's not back. jus in a flash back i think.

ok some random musings of the shows i watched las week.

smallville - the most funny thing happend in years in smallville. i still do watch although it sucks but it seems its getting better with the introduction of green arrow. ok lex and lana finally hook up. they are shown takin off their clothes. and there's this really great song by james carrington called "ache" playing in th background. (here's his myspace if u want to listen to it...i gawentee u will like it) anyways. while lex and lana are "makin love" clark is shown in his barn. playing with his ball's!!! lol lol ( no pun intended or no bad idea intended ) :P
the writer's mus have been high or summin. lol i guess mos ppl saw the funny side of it. he was jus bouncin his ball against a wall jus lyin there misrebele. but if u take it the way i took it. it's plain funny. yea i'm sick. i kno i kno. jeez.

grey's anatomy and supernatural has been the most consitent series so far for me this season. they dont disappoint and on supernatural. IMPALA is back. meaning the badass car they have if u didnt kno the name. anyways chk it out.

oh and i chked out this new series called battlestar galactica. its not actually new but new to me. it seemed to be gettin alot aof hype and i chked out an episode called the story so far. and i am frakkin hooked!!! and they use the word frak instead of the other ef word. FRAK is cool!!! and it is way much better than the other sci fi series like star gate atlantis. no time travel stories no meetin new ppl and findin out they are nanites oh blah!!! i am frakkin fed up with it. battelstar galactica has one continuous great story. you should check it out.

oh and rite i forgot. how cool is heroes?!? eh?! eh?! the guy hiro is jus plain funny. and seems he's finishin final fantasy 12 rite now. the lucky bastard!!! but wait i have it too. hahaha!!! that was the whole point of the story i'm afraid. since he's japanese he's playin the japanese version. well only in the series universe and u cant find this infor unless u read his fictional blog which is translated to english by one great translater software lol. it's funny u shud chk it! here's the link. and yea i got the english version. wayyy before it got out. kewl eh? \(^o^)/ and how i got it is top secret. mum's the word. remember piracy is illegal :P ok's till next week then. arigatho gozaimas. ramen kenpo!!! (^_^)

LOST - A Tale of Two Cities Review Friday, October 06, 2006 |

well since this is a review so there are going to be spoilers in it for people who has'nt watched the episode already. so you have been warned. so lets get on with the show.

the episode starts with a cd popped into a cdplayer. dejavu anyone? remnants of the second season's first episode. but this time it is'nt in a hatch. it's in a house. and it is'nt desmond. it's some woman. now at first i thought this was penelopy aka desmond's lover. she looked alot like her. atleast at that time. so she bakes some brownies. gets her hand burnt in the process. she's actually making tea and ofcourse brownies for a whole bunch of people. then we see it's a book club. where people talk abt the books they read and so and so. seem's she is the host and the book all of them read was stephan king's "Carrie". it seems its her favourite book. but not ben's. who is ben? we don't know yet. and suddenly the house starts shaking. they get under the doorway for protection. seems like it was common thing in their neighbourhood. now at this time i was thinking this was an aftermath of desmond putting in the key and destroying the hatch and its magnetic field. but was i ever so wrong. so continuing.

they get out of the house to see what the hell is going on. lots of people gather outside. and we see a couple of familier faces. ethan ( the guy who abducted claire and charlie ) and the fake henry gale ( the leader of the others). they are all wearing nice clothes. then they look up as the sky. and what do we see? a plane breaking down. the fuselage goes one way and the tailsection the other. fake henry gale starts giving out commands. calls over ethan and goodwin( guy who infiltrated the tailsection losties camp). fake henry gale tells they to go to either side ( meaning where the tailsection and fuselage losties might have landed) saying there might be survivors and asks ethan and goodwin to pretend they were one of the survivors too. and to gather information from them. and asks them to get a list of the passengers who survived. and then the camera zooms out showing the whole island and the other's "camp" seems to be in some sort of crater or hidden by a big mountain. now that my friends is a great opening. upstaged the "wtf moment" of season 2 premiere of a guy being down the hatch. and that's why lost is so great. the story might be slow for some but it's so rewarding at the end. but alot of questions were risen again after the first five minutes. but now we know where the other's live and we know the plan crash was'nt planned. throw away the lost theories everyone!!! staaart making new ones :P

back to the show.now i'll keep this brief. nothing thaat important happened in this episode but it was still great. now still being with the lost formulae we got jack flashbacks. so it was mostly a jack centric episode. but we got to see kate and sawyer. jack was kept in a glass room which we finally in the end learn it is an aquarium. kate is given a shower and asked to dress up to have breakfast with fake henry gale while wearing handcuff's. sawyer was put into a cage where the polar bears once was. that explains the polar bears. and this also explains the dharma logo'd shark sawyer,micheal and jin saw in the ocean in the end of season 1. so we did get alot of answers. now the part sawyer was in looked like a zoo. and had a dharma logo which is supposedly called "hydra". and jack was in an aquarium and the logo was in a hatch there too. so they were kept close by. now from what i have seen. the other's are trying to break down each one by one. for what motive we don't know yet. but it seem's blood was taken from both jack and kate but not from sawyer.

sawyer and jack both tried to escape from their locations but to no awail. they were brought back. sawyer tried to escape with the help of a young kid named "carl". and jack tried to squeeze his way out of the situation while holding the woman who was seen in the intro hostage. who's name is btw "Juliet". Juliet broke Jack down eventually at the end of the episode. (mentally ofcourse although i must say she throw's a pretty mean punch). and we dont know what happened to kate but hands were pretty scratched up when she was brought back to a cage next to sawyers and locked up in it.now there was nothing much to jack's flashback's. i think it was irrelevent to the story but it was used to break Jack down by Juliet. And praise's were given to Juliet by "Ben" (who i mentioned earlier) who turns out to be our old friend "fake henry gale" (whew...i was gettin tired of writing that down all the time :P).

so all in all the episode was pretty good. now for those of you who bitch's about lost being slow you'd say it was a bad episode. but we got to know more about others and where they lived and more abt the polar bears and the shark and we got introduced to Juliet who I think is a really plus point to the show. She is one beautiful woman. Not in the hot or sexy sort of way. But she has one nice smile and her acting is pretty great. I think she has some problems with Ben and I think she would help Jack escape somehow.And get this. she had information on jack. where he graduated, his marriage, his father's autopsy report. his whole life to be exact in one book. now i thought this whole thing was'nt planned.wonder where this is going...hmmm. but i'm sure it wont be disappointng in the least. and it seems like the Jack Kate Sawyer triangle is pretty much over. Kate is going to choose Sawyer and Jack and Juliet is going to have somthing going on. Just my opinion. anyways one great episode. can't wait for the next. hope to review all the episodes of the season. becos this is one great series. i watched the episode TWO times and saw alot of stuff i missed :) . so till next week. taa.

and by the by. seem's some people dont know how to leave comments. if your on the main page. chk the link on the right hand side of the post title. it maybe a zero or a one or any number. so feel free to comment. cheerio.