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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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well i usually don’t review heroes. but i was blown away by the episode ending. it was frakking awesome. guys who watch lost! u'll love this show. and best of all u get the most of ure answers which keeps u satisfied at the end of the episode unlike lost. not that I don’t like lost. hehe. this has to be the breakout show of the season.

i first heard of this show around may. and i was pretty intrigued. me being a comic fan and all. and i knew this wudnt be the typical superhero show. the pilot was leaked abt that time so i downloaded it. the first episode was good. introducing most of the characters. the second episode was better. and third was even much better. the fourth was frakkin excellent. some of the "heroes" meet up with each other. and the part's with Hiro and his "sidekick" are darn funnnyy. this is getting better and better.

and i think Chandra Suresh (Mohinder Suresh's father) might be the so called SYLAR. jus a theory. :)

and plus there are downloadable short comic's that u can view after each episode at the heroes site to get to know more about the characters. and there's hiro's blog too. :)

well if u aint as obsessed as i am u can jus watch the show only and enjoy it. lol. there u go. my thot on heroes. hope that makes u interested. :)

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  • Anonymous Gray says so:
    2:10 AM  

    hey man.. i've seen the 1st episode.. varah salhi.. waiting to get my hands on the episode 2 via psycho.. how u holdin out these days?? tc man top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    11:12 AM  

    pretty well actually...and hope i didnt spoil anythin for ya...hehe..u2 top

  • Anonymous Mixhar says so:
    11:58 AM  

    I have been watching heroes since it started too, very impressive and yeah i say much better than Lost ( which i dont like much :) ). The endings are super cool.

    Your theory about SYLAR could be a possibility, so lets wait and see.hehehe, But could that bold guy working with the heroes enemy be SYLAR?? If not who could he be?? He seem to have higher abbilities than others....ooooooooooops may be i am talking too much here...

    ANY WAY heroes is COOL!! If you guys did not see it, Y not give a try :) It's worth a try. top

  • Anonymous subcorpus says so:
    12:53 PM  

    hello ...
    yeah just watched heroes ...
    i'm on until epp 3 ...
    havnt got around to epp 4 yet ...
    pilot epp was kewl ...
    the other 2 were great ...
    am guessing its gonna b a good show ...
    my fav :: the jap guy Hiro ... he's amazing ...
    kewl ... top

  • Anonymous maail says so:
    2:10 PM  


    i dont think that guys SYLAR. he might be the husband of Nikki and father of Micah. Jus a theory. But you know there's still one black guy missing from the promo pictures. that might be Nikki's husband.lol whu kno's? jus enjoy the ride...

    oh and regarding Chandar Suresh when we saw SYLAR wearing a coat and a hat in the third episode when he tried to abduct that kid. a glimpse of him showed that he was white and he had a gray beared too. and that's why i think Chandra might be SYLAR since we saw what he looks like on his book cover in of the eps. and that sign looks like an S rite. actually a half helix of a DNA strand i here...

    next week : claire's in trouble with SYLAR after her, or her brain i think...hmmm ;) top

  • Anonymous foniboki says so:
    8:38 PM  

    still i don ve time to taak a look on this, but will start to watch this series... thanx for this info anyway top