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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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random "lost" thots

been a crazy month.got sick.got better.got sick again.welll i finally watched Snakes On Muthaeff'in Plane and it didnt live up to its hype. was kinda bland. but there were sum funny moments here and there.not a movie i'll remember though.

anyways i have been on a LOST kick of late. so i started watching season one eps again. i'm startin to notice things i havent noticed before. do u kno vincent is always missing wen smoky (the monster) is around? 0_0. i'm thinking he is smoky.lol.a crazy dude with jus another lost theory. the writer's must be laughin write now at all the theories that people put out. i recently found a theory that made a helluva sense. i'll post it later though. for ppl whu aint as much into LOST but still watch it regularly they mite not kno there is sumthin goin on called the LOST EXPERIENCE. its kind of a game the lost creators have given for the LOSTFANATICS like meself to do during the season break. alot of intresting stuff has come up.i'll put it all up wen it all comes to a climax jus before the third season kicks off. and guess wat ppl? there's an underwater hatch!!! 0_0 (ok i like spoilin stuff :P) lost kicks off on october 4th 2006. until then stay LOST!!! and i'll put the ultimate lost theory and the lost experience recap where we finally saw Alvar Hanso ( the person whu owns the HANSO FOUNDATION ; which created the DHARMA INITIATIVE duhh). till then cheerio.

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  • Anonymous gwynciar says so:
    5:41 PM  

    Lost started to disappoint me lately. I mean, the first season was kick-ass awesome, especially for an X-files fan like myself. But then, it seems to be doing a "scooby doo" by unmasking all those potential supernatural creepy-crawlies that lay in Lost's potential. Disappointing, especially after getting all those philosophical vibes about fatalism and the illusory nature of chaos in the earlier part of the first season.

    Ah well... top

  • Anonymous bulhaa says so:
    6:00 PM  

    this just reminds me of Sevone...WAAAH! mwaaailll!!! top