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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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fast and the furious : tokyo drift review

luks like i've got sum time on my hands. got lots to write abt but in different posts. to kick off tokyo drift. one word "sucked!!!". seriously wat the hell were they thinking. no fast races jus drifiting from side to side. i didnt enjoy it at all. although the first race in the movie was pretty kewl. and the guy lucas black with his south western drawl urgh. kuwap i tell u. kuwap!!! story had so many loopholes. why didnt they jus bring back paul walker or van deisel for that matter. although there is a suprise appearence by one of them at the end of the movie. this movie had one character i really liked. Khan...kewl guy. thats it. nuthin more. but yea the cars were pretty good as usual. and the gurls...yaaawwwn!!! **/***** (crappiest movie i watched this summer)

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  • Anonymous vermillion says so:
    8:07 PM  

    nop maail i wud very much like to differ wit u on dis, it dint suck. who eva said a fast race was in a straight line??? wel it had many things only a watchful eye might hav seen, like mr boswell, (sean's dad) havin don toretto's camaro ( from da first sequel)n then sean goin on 2 win his battle over takeshi, ridin da camaro. wel dis tym arnd it was mor abt reality n da hard stuf. yes, evry race bein for da pink slip. it showed proved da fact over fact dat its not da ride but da rider. drift is gud. n so is tokyo drift. yeah n ps han is dead-cool, f*** dat 72 skyline he's got, rocks!!! n da coupe as wel. tokyo drift is a must watch for ne self proclaimed car n car race junkie. top

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    5:43 AM  

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