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well this is a blog abt wat i do. watch. eat and sleep. my world of entertainment in ure home. or should i say on ure browser? :P

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Am I the only person who isn't loving HEROES at the moment...oh wait I guess I am...People are too caught up into being superheroes that they don't realise a dumb story line when they see one...I'm actually pretty pissed off right now...After all this wait...All they could give us was this...?

The episode was totally predictable from one start to finish...who didn't see Peter coming back to life ? who didn't see Isaac dying ? who didn't see HRG escaping with Parkman and the Radioactive guy...? urgh...now this wasn't what pissed me off...nooo...what made me mad was the unpredictable part of the story line...Linderman's great plan is to blow up .07% of the world's population and to watch the world unite so he could "heal" the world at once...thats what we get from the so called UBER villain whose supposed to be controlling our HEROES from afar since the series started ? thats the big storyline of the season...? an old lunatic going to blow up New York city to just heal it??? urgh...bring someone like JOKER...at least he's funny and has more evil thoughts than this guy...

oh and i know why "the cheerleader" had to be saved...because...she was supposed to pull that glass out of Peter's head to save the world...ta daaa...mystery solved...because no one could have pulled that glass out of his head...only poor lil Claire could...bah!!! and Hiro meeting HIRO?! puhleeese...and I can't believe Peter is dumb enough to turn his back on Sylar after turning invisible...this was just a cheap way to get ratings...say some guy would be killed...so people would watch...and most people are falling for it...sorry for all this angst...just had to let it out...so overall a pretty disappointing episode of heroes which gets .07% rating...now how's that for an irony...

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  • Anonymous zero says so:
    8:34 PM  

    dude...can totally understand what ur saying...

    well, i started to watch it...but the first 3 episodes was so draggin...i stopped...

    for me it's boring... top

  • Anonymous Afey says so:
    9:33 PM  

    i totally.. agree.. HEROES is total CRAP! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    10:30 PM  

    i stopped watching it around episode 16. i could spend a lot better time reading xmen comics than watching that crappy show.. top

  • Anonymous finifenmaa says so:
    12:19 AM  

    spoil sports... hehe guess u guys dont like it... i LUUUURRRRV it... top

  • Blogger Simon says so:
    12:58 AM  

    I even posted about it.

    I don't watch it because it is just stupid right out of the box. top

  • Anonymous AH-San says so:
    9:39 AM  

    well if u dont like it u dont like it

    i like it, kinda like an anime top

  • Anonymous subcorpus says so:
    12:06 PM  

    yeah ...
    good cap ...
    havent seen it yet, will see it laters today ...
    i guess every TV series has its ups and downs ... eh ?
    i personally dont like Niki/jesicca ...
    she is ruining it for me ... top

  • Blogger Radvixen says so:
    6:30 PM  

    eh? i thought i already commented on this ..but my comment's not here =| your blog seriously has issues :P ahem... yeah so anyway, about heroes..

    like finifennmaa said.. me also.. i luv it still :D

    but yeah there r some boring boring parts >_<.

    it was better watching all the episodes in one bundle.. i hate all this waiting.. grr top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    10:44 AM  

    radvixen : this blog has problems with lazy ppl :P top

  • Blogger Mrs. GoDZ|LLa says so:
    5:13 PM  


    i lurve it :) top

  • Blogger Fureeeeeku! says so:
    9:33 AM  

    me too, i like it.

    any way maail, i dont think that is the reason why the cheerleader had to be saved. If she was killed at the home coming, then sylar would have probably got the healing power, if he had got that power, there is no way sylar could be killed. And so if sylar didnt get the power, ther is a chance that sylar can be killed. Well, thats what i think ^_^ top

  • Blogger DarkAngeL says so:
    11:56 PM  

    i like it too... but guess the season finale is worse than any other series i watch too...
    grrr.... top