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LOST - Enter 77

Well today was....*gasp*...revealing...The eye patch guy was found in the flame station. Which is a station with cows and horses on the outside. He claims to be the last of the Dharma initiative. But that story was debunked with the observant mind of Sayid. So long story short Sayid and Kate captures eye patch guy whose name is Mikhail. Mikhail kills of Ms.Klue who was hiding at that station. Locke defeats a computer in a game of chess. Then enters 77 into the PC to make the whole station go sky high. He was following the instructions of Dr.Marvin Candle ( the guy in the orientation videos). From what Sayid has deducted. Mikhail is one of the others. The other's (or known as the hostiles to the Dharma Initiative) have killed off all the Dharma Initiative members.

What I think is that Dharma Initiative came to the island to conduct experiments because of the island's unique "flora fauna" or watever. The other's are the the descendants of the original people of the island. Like the descendants of the people who built that statue with four feet. They rebelled against the people who invaded their island. So they consider themselves the "good people". They killed all the Dharma Initiative people. And are pretending to be Dharma Initiative people now. So they are bringing people from the outside world pretending to be them to do their own experiments, like Juliet.

Yea I know there are a bunch of loopholes here and there. We'll know much more next week. Because we are getting more answers day by day. And there is going to be a "Game plan"changing revelation in the next few weeks. So things are definitely going to get interesting.

The filler part of the episode had Sawyer playing table tennis against Hurly, to get his stash back. Sawyer loses miserably. His reward ? He can't call people by nick names for a week. There goes Sawyer as we know him. He got pissed of and told Hurley...

"Hugo...Get Bent!"

If thats the best line he can come with , Sawyer as we know him is dead. At least for a week.

Best Sawyer quote this week was calling Sun "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" lol...

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  • Blogger foniboki says so:
    8:39 AM  

    What was the manuscript in The Flame all about? and Was the gray cat really on the island, or was it the smoke monster messing with Sayid? top