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LOST - Further Instructions Review

i took sometime giving my thoughts into this epsiode because truthfully i did'nt like it. i was actually on the edge of my seat for somthing great to happen. but nothing did. it was jus locke running off to save ecko from a POLAR BEAR?!?. how intelligent can polar bears get. and what do they gain from dragging ecko into a cave. do polar bears eat human flesh or something ? aaa well. and i was half expecting for locke to shoot the young kid or the young kid to shoot locke in the legs. guess i'm too blood thirsty. i was waiting for somthing intresting to happen!!! and it never came and am i ever so disappointed. only fun thing that happend was desmond running around naked. lol. and hurly's one liner " dude...the hatch blew off your underwear?!?!" lol.

and yea there was desmond reading the future. now there could be one of many possibilities in this one. and us viewer's mostly go into the unbelievable ones but the creators seem to prove us wrong ala the plane falling one with the electromagnet being the reason coming down. i still don't believe that reason. it doesnt make sense. becos the character's have too many connections with each other i believe they were brought here or something. what do you think?

anyways back to desmond seeing the future. one of the possibilities is when the EMP went off and "imploded" the hatch they were warped into the future or something. i'm hearing that might be a possibility with a reallly big surprise coming in the 6th episode of the season. but that's like going into sci fi now is'nt it? this is supposed to be a drama show with polar bears and "smoke monsters" and a mysterious island which "heals" people.hmm ok this mite be sci fi...

and the next episode preview show's the other's torturing sawyer and asking kate whether she loves him simultaneously. now how corney can they get?!?! i started out this season being a lost supporter but it's losing me slowly although i'll still watch it hoping something big happens. aaa well.

on another note i just watched a new series called JERICHO. didnt watch this series before because i didnt think it would get a full season. but it seems this is getting really popular. a town stranded in the middle of no where when a bomb (possibly nuclear) goes off and they have lost contact with the whole world. kinda like lost where you dont know what's going on. am giving it a try. first episode was pretty good.downloading other eps now.will write more about it later on.

so what did you think of this week's lost?!?

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  • Anonymous foniboki says so:
    8:53 PM  

    The whole “pot-growing commune” was a great addition to Locke’s character. We’ve always got to find out something surprising, right?

    I think the whole hunter/farmer thing was more about what type of person you are aggresive vs. passive, than the actual profession.

    If Locke were truly a hunter, he would have been able to “fix his mess” and shoot Eddie.

    Locke wanted to be a hunter and I think the island has helped him to do that. Now he is the hunter that needs to save Jack, Kate, and Sawyer from the Others. top