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Not In Portland - LOST

So lost has come back...it was much better than all the other episodes combined...but still not as great as season one...lots of action...i actually think this whole scenario of getting captured and going back to the island could have been done in three or four episodes...but then 'the powers that be' decided to make it long and tiresome as possible to milk lost for all its worth...its pretty much backfiring at the moment...losing ratings to the great CRIMINAL MINDS in that time slot...and now its changed the time slot because of the so called great AMERICAN IDOL show which i'm finding really boring at the moment...how much more of idol crazy wannabe's can u endure?

well at the moment its probably looking good for lost...i saw her killing Danny as a really possible scenario before it happened...we saw a Juliet flashback which pretty much shows that she's also a prisoner of the island...thought there would be more questions answered...but since they are off the 'zoo island' we'll probably get to see more of our favorite characters such as Locke and Hurly...

so what did u think of this week's episode?

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  • Blogger foniboki says so:
    9:48 PM  

    I’m pretty sure that Juliet just believes that Alex is Ben’s daughter because he told her so. Alex probably knows nothing better either since she was an infant when taken from her mother. Clearly Danielle didn’t recognize Ben when she caught him in the net.

    My question is who is Karl (Carl)? He clearly is an ememy of the others and much too young to be a scientist or doctor. How did he get to Alcatraz? top

  • Blogger Maail says so:
    10:34 PM  

    strange experiment that they were doing on karl...almost like brainwashing him like in some old movies...

    yea juliet probably doesnt know as she's been there for only 3 years 2 months and 28 days ;) hehe top

  • Anonymous subcorpus says so:
    3:46 PM  

    hello ...
    i'm excercising a self imposed bad on LOST these days ...
    it kinda started off good ...
    and later ruined it ...
    so am gonna just hold off until i hear i'm gonna get some answer ... top